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Weekend Recap – 1 Week Countdown


This weekend we hit the 1 week countdown mark.  It still seems so surreal that this is really happening in less than 1 week.  It feels like I have been planning this wedding forever but it also feels like time flew by.  It’s a weird, excited, anxious feeling.  But I am ready now and could not be more excited for Saturday to be here.

The weekend started on Friday evening.  My maid of honor came into town to pick up her dress and decided to stay for dinner.  I went with her to pick up the dress so I got to see her in it.  It is gorgeous and I love the color!  I can’t wait to see all the girls in their dress and I hope they like it as much as I do.  My friend was nice enough to cook us dinner that night.  She made chicken katsu, broccoli and rice.  It was delicious.  We spent the rest of the evening sipping on some sake, playing games and watching a movie.


She ended up spending the night so we all went out to breakfast in the morning.  We tried a new place downtown and it was delicious.  After that she headed home and we headed to our final meeting with the photographer.  He wanted to go over the timeline for the day so now it is all figured out.  Then it was off to the next errand which was to return my rental car.  I got into an accident last month and it turns out the cost to fix my car was going to be more than the blue book value of the car, so my insurance wouldn’t pay for it.  Thinking it over, I decided it’s more worth it to spend the money on a new car since my car was over 10 years old and had almost 150k miles on it.  Seemed like a better idea for the long term.  Not exactly the best timing to be buying a new car a week before the wedding, but such is life.


Once I returned the rental it was time to buy a new car.  I decided to upgrade to an SUV with future children and car seats in mind.  It is already being called the ‘mom car’.  It’s only been a couple days with the new car, but I am loving it.  It’s a lot roomier, it rides smooth, and I just feel safe in it.  It will take some getting used to, especially with parking, but I am sure it will feel like mine soon enough.

After all those errands I was starving and it was perfect timing because my fiance’s family was planning to go out to dinner.  Since everyone was in town and available, we went out to dinner with his grandparents and uncle and cousins.  It was so fun to sit down with all of them and really see how they interact and get to know them better.  Plus it’s fun to hear how excited everyone is getting for the wedding.


Sunday was a much more relaxed day and I didn’t have anything planned.  The fiance had to work so I was on my own.  I got up early and went for a run which felt really good because it had been a while.  The first run of the year.  I had some breakfast and did some cleaning but then headed over to my parents house for the rest of the day.  Got all our wedding stuff in boxes and ready to bring to the venue later this week.  Ran a couple errands to get some a few things for the honeymoon.  Then my brother came over for lunch, we played some games, and my Mom cooked us homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  I stayed a little later to watch the Golden Globes with my Mom before heading home.

And now here we are at Monday morning.  Five days until the wedding!!  Is it Saturday yet?!

Weekend Recap – Labor Day


I didn’t even realize I had a 3 day weekend until the week before.  Whoops.  But at least it made for a nice surprise.  Since I didn’t realize it was Labor Day weekend that means I didn’t make any big plans ahead of time.  Which I was actually happy about because I feel like we have been so non-stop lately, that it felt good knowing that I could just relax at home for once.  The fiance had to work all weekend so it was just me and Abby.  I knew this would be the perfect weekend to get a few wedding things crossed off the list.

I was waiting to call about having my first fitting for my wedding dress until I found the right shoes.  Well I ordered some shoes online and I think I have found the ones.  So on Friday I called the tailor to get an idea of when I need to start having these fittings.  Next month will be the first fitting.

On Saturday I ran a couple wedding errands with my Mom.  Originally I was only going to register at Macy’s but then I started looking at Crate and Barrel and they have a lot of good stuff too.  So my Mom and I went to the nearest Crate and Barrel and registered for some more kitchen stuff.  Then we went back to Macy’s to finish getting the random things like an iron, bed sheets, and kitchen towels.  After all that shopping we were hungry.  We went to this restaurant downtown that is known for it’s bread and split a salad and sandwich.  It was delicious.  We grabbed a coffee for the road and headed home.

I left Abby at my parent’s house to hang out with Stella while we were gone.  When we got back I decided to take Abby for a walk since Stella already got one that morning.  My Saturday evening consisted of working on party favors, playing pool, and eating pizza.


Sunday was another day spent with the family.  My brother drove down in the morning and we all went out to brunch.  After brunch my Dad and I took the dogs for a walk to help digest a bit.  By then I was pretty tired so I took a little nap while they watched the Giants game.  I couldn’t sleep for too long though because we all went to go see Finding Dory that afternoon.  It was a cute movie, but I definitely liked the first one better.  I was super impressed by the movie theater though.  They recently remodeled and put in recliners in all the seats.  So I was able to put my feet up and lay back to watch the entire movie.  Which was dangerous because it makes it way too easy to fall asleep.

After the movie my brother headed home and so did I.  Since we all shared popcorn and candy at the movie, nobody was really hungry for dinner.  I spent the rest of my Sunday evening working on party favors, cleaning, and watching movies.

The fiance did get Monday off so we got to spend the day together.  We woke up early and took Abby for a hike in the morning.  Then the fiance went and played disc golf with his Dad while I stayed home and took a nap with the pup.  Once he got home, we watched a few episodes of a TV show and went grocery shopping.  Then we headed to his parent’s house for dinner.  They BBQed pork chops and we made scalloped potatoes.  Dessert was a blackberry pie and ice cream.  It was all delicious and the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

I wish every weekend was a 3 day weekend..


Throwback Thursday


Here’s a little throwback… to about 3 weeks ago..


Does that even count as a throwback?  How much time has to pass to be considered a throwback?  Right now, I’m saying three weeks.


So three weeks ago, the boyfriend and I were invited to go to a friends cabin in the snow.  Although I don’t ski or snowboard, I was beyond excited to just play in the snow.  Before this little trip, I think I had only been to the snow maybe 3 times in my life.  I have attempted to ski each of those times, but this time was just for playing.  It was also the first time the boyfriend and I went to the snow together.  Side note – we have been dating for almost 10 years.  And had never been to the snow!  What is wrong with us?!  Now that we’ve been, there’s no going back.  I think this should be a new yearly tradition for us.


We drove up on a Saturday and wasted no time.  We threw on our snow clothes and drove a little further up the road to find the perfect place to go play.  It was perfect timing because there was all fresh snow.  It was so soft.  Which was actually the hardest thing ever to walk in, but great for a snow ball fight.  Here’s a few pictures from our afternoon.





We even built a snow corgi.  Because building a snow man was just too much work.






It only took a few hours for our legs to turn into Jell-O and our toes to turn into icicles.  This was our sign to head back to the cabin to warm up and change out of our wet clothes.  We had also built up quite the appetite so we went into town to grab lunch and do a little wine tasting.  After exploring the town we headed back to the cabin for games, drinks, and dinner.  When we woke up in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised by the view outside our window.








I am so glad that Abby loved the snow because now we can all go back anytime we want.  There is something so relaxing about falling asleep in a log cabin and waking up to the most fresh powder on the trees outside.  I wish we could have stayed longer, but with everything, all good things must come to an end.  Although I would never want to actually live in the snow, I am more than happy to visit.  Thanks for letting me relive these memories.


Oh, and one more piece of advice for you…


Weekend Recap


Happy President’s Day!  What are you doing with your day off?  I am currently binge watching Parenthood on Netflix.  Have you seen this show?  If not, I highly suggest you start.  Just know there are six seasons.  You’ve been warned.

So as I mentioned in my last post, we celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday.  Here are a few highlights from our day..