This One Italian Girl

Happy New Year!


And just like that, it’s 2017.  This is going to be a big year for myself and my family so I could not be more excited for the new year to be here.  Lots of changes happening this year.  With our wedding to start.  In just 11 days I will be married to my best friend.  It is so surreal that the big day is almost here already.  I am ready for it and I know that it is happening soon, but yet it still doesn’t feel completely real.  Not until that morning when I put on my dress or maybe when I see him for the first time that day in his tux, or maybe when I see him waiting for me at the altar will it feel real.  I am so excited for all of those moments.  In just 11 short days.

Before I get too far ahead of myself I want to recap the last week.  I only had to work half a day last Friday.  My maid of honor came into town to get her dress fitted so we went out to lunch after.  Then the fiance and I met with our DJ to make sure we were all on the same page with music and timing for the night.  After that I watched the fiance and his mom practice their first dance.  They are doing a choreographed dance that I cannot wait to see them do at the wedding.  Once they were tired practicing we took his mom to the mall so she could return some shoes and we could change something on the tux rental order.  We decided to make the tux rentals a full package, which meant we only had to add cuff links and studs, so that the fiance could get $600 off a suit.  Pretty good deal if you ask me.  Then we took his mom out to dinner and headed home to watch a movie before bed.

The fiance actually had all weekend off of work which was rare and so nice.  Saturday was New Years Eve and he spent the morning disc golfing with his Dad.  I was going to go with them but it was an 18-hole course and I am just not that good yet.  So I went over to my parents house instead and got a few wedding things done.  Then when he got back we went to the store to get a few appetizer things to bring to the NYE party we went to that night.  We made a hot artichoke dip and a cajun dip.  Once his friend showed up we all headed out to my brother’s house for a little get together with some friends.  Two of the couple’s are pregnant so it was nothing wild, but still a lot of fun.  We played some games, had some drinks, and left shortly after midnight.


The fiance got up early on Sunday to go real golfing with a few friends.  I went over to my parents house to make homemade pasta with my Dad, as we do every year on New Years Day.  We invited my future in-laws over for dinner that night to finalize the seating chart as well as stuff bags for our favors.  It was such a fun evening.  The seating chart process was way easier than I thought it would be.  And the bag stuffing went way faster than I thought.  It was so nice to have all those extra hands.


I had the day off yesterday, but the fiance had to work.  So he got up early and I stayed in my PJs for a while.  I tried a new almond flour waffle recipe and it was awful so I will not be sharing that one.  After that I headed to my parents house to go car shopping with my Dad.  I had to say goodbye to my poor Honda Civic last week and face the facts that I need a new car.  I got into a car accident in early December and it took the auto shop 3 weeks to decide it’s totaled.  The damage wasn’t that bad, but it was all on my back tire which ended up messing with the alignment.  Turns out the cost to fix it was more than what the insurance company valued the car at so they claim it as totaled.  The car is over 10 years old with about 130,000 miles on it, so it was bound to happen sooner or later.  But I do think I could have held on to it for a little while longer had this accident not happened.  But that’s life, and sometimes you just have to roll with it.  So now I am looking into getting an SUV with future kids and family trips in mind.

They didn’t have the model car I wanted available yesterday, so I left empty handed.  But they are getting new cars in this week so it could happen soon.  After car shopping I ran some errands and did some cleaning at home.  But then headed back to my parents house for dinner to try our homemade pasta.  It was delicious as always.  After that I headed home to start taking down the Christmas decorations and get ready for the new work week.  I am getting so lucky with all these holidays and short weeks that it’s going to be so hard coming back to work after the honeymoon.  I just have to make it through this 4 day week and then next week I’m only working 3 days and then it’s vacation mode!!!  In less than 2 weeks I will be on a sandy beach, hopefully working on my tan.

So Much To Do, So Little Time


Remind me again why I thought getting married right after all of the major holidays was a good idea??  I feel like all I have been posting about lately is wedding stuff.  But I can’t help it when it’s on my brain ALL.THE.TIME.  During the beginning of this whole wedding planning process I kept telling myself not to sweat the little things.  In the grand scheme of things, those little details are really not as important as I might think they are at the time.  But that has been a lot harder to remember lately.  Now that it’s getting closer to the big day, all I have left to do is figure out and decide on all those little things.  And it’s been a lot harder than it probably should be.


Our deadline for RSVP’s is this Friday and we have only received a little over half of the responses.  I am really hoping the rest pour in this week because I do not want to have to call all of those people asking if they are coming or not.  So far we haven’t gotten any no responses which is good and bad news.  It’s good because I am happy that everyone is able and wants to come and celebrate with us, but it’s also bad because we have maxed out the venue.  Which means the tables will be tight and we have to fill every single seat.  I’m starting to think we should have left ourselves a little wiggle room.  Once we get all of the responses we have to do the seating chart.  Which I am absolutely dreading because there has been a little drama within my extended family over the last year so we can’t sit certain people together.  So that should be fun…


The next minor decision on my list is the table numbers.  We have picked the florist and centerpieces will be a combination of tall and short vases.  However, since we will be maxing the tables at 12 people, there won’t be a lot of room for extra stuff on the tables.  For the tall centerpieces we are going to use picture frames and the short centerpieces we are going to use wooden sticks with the numbers on them.  I bought wooden sticks with the intention to spray paint them, but that means I have to decide on a color.  The other big decision is the name cards.  We are offering either a meat dish or a vegetarian dish and a lot more people are choosing the vegetarian than I thought.  Which is totally fine, but that means I have to come up with some way to distinguish on the name cards which dish people are having.  I will also need to distinguish if any of them are kids and want a kids meal.


One more minor but kind of big project is finishing our party favors.  My future mother-in-law has so graciously offered to help make our party favors.  They will be little hand-stitched bags full of jordan almonds.  She made the same bags for her wedding and jordan almonds are a traditional Italian wedding thing.  So it’s a perfect combination of family traditions.  I am helping her stitch bags, but I have done maybe 50 while she is already over 100.  Clearly she is doing most of the work here.  Once we are done stitching, she will sew the sides of the bags shut and then we can fill them.  We plan to have a little get together with whoever wants to help stuff the bags.


While all of these things may be minor and not that important in the end, they are all things that need to get done.  I have a feeling these next 4 weeks are going to fly by.  Which I am totally okay with.  I am ready for this wedding to be here.  I am ready to celebrate and I am ready for the planning to be done.  I think I am starting to stress more because I know that there are also 3 major holidays happening right before the wedding.  Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is right around the corner, and New Year’s is the final countdown to the wedding.  The end of the month is when we have to give our final counts to the final.  No changes can be made after that which will actually be perfect because then I don’t have to think about anything for the last 2 weeks.  We got a gift card for a couple’s massage at one of my bridal shower’s and I’m starting to think we should use that before the wedding…

Weekend Recap – Wedding and Birthday


This weekend was full of celebrations.  There was a friend’s wedding and my Mom’s birthday.  Friday night was nothing exciting.  I spent the evening doing laundry and prepping wedding invitation envelopes with stamps and return labels.  Saturday night was the wedding and Sunday was my Mom’s birthday.


Saturday morning I was planning to go for a run but instead had a lazy morning in bed with the fiance and the pup.  And I don’t regret it for one second.  Once we finally got up and out of bed we dropped the pup off at his parent’s house to play while we ran a few errands.  First we had to go do more laundry because he didn’t have any clean pants to wear for the wedding.  Then we went to the jewelry store and ordered my wedding band ring.  I had already picked one out last time we were there, but it was impossible to find the exact one again.  Since they all looked very similar, I picked out a different one that I loved and we ordered it.  Turns out it was a little bit cheaper too, which the fiance was happy about.

After that we headed to the mall to try and change the groomsmen’s vest for our wedding.  The vest we picked out has a subtle polka dot texture to it and the tie is striped.  I was worried this would be too many conflicting patterns and was hoping to change the vest to just a solid color with the striped tie.  Unfortunately, they did not have this option available in the color we want, so we have to stick with what we had.  We were going to head home but then realized that the fiance didn’t have any nice shirts to wear for the wedding that night.  So we headed over to Macy’s and picked out a nice shirt and tie.  By then we were starving so we grabbed some sandwiches and headed home to get ready for the wedding.



We carpooled with my parents to the wedding which was only about 30 minutes away.  The ceremony and reception were both at the same place.  The ceremony was inside, cocktails and dinner were outside and dancing was inside again.  It worked out perfectly to have everything so close and the weather was great so it never got too cold.  They did have heat lamps just in case.  One really cool part of the reception was when the DJ got the entire party to do the mannequin challenge.  Which is when you hold a pose while someone walks around filming a video of it so everyone looks like mannequins.  At first I thought there’s no way you could do this with so many people, but it actually turned out really cool and I think will be a fun memory for the bride and groom to have.

I think my favorite part of the evening was when they started the dancing and the bride and groom were feeling pretty good after a few cocktails and started bouncing all over the room.  The groom got a little too close to the cake table and knocked over their wedding cake on the floor!  Thankfully it didn’t completely smash and they were able to salvage most of it, but needless to say there was no cutting of the cake after that.  Also, thankfully the bride did not see this happen.  We didn’t stay for all of the dancing because my Mom got tired, but it was fine by me because my feet were starting to hurt.

Sunday was my Mom’s birthday and we had a casual family dinner planned for that night.  Before that I had a few more chores to get done.  The fiance went golfing with his friend, but in the meantime I did our last couple loads of laundry and went shopping with my Mom to get a few things for the wedding.  Once the fiance was done golfing we went grocery shopping for the week and then headed back to my parent’s house for dinner.  Unfortunately, my sister-in-law couldn’t come because she was sick and didn’t want to get my Mom sick.  I feel more bad that she was sick on her best friend’s wedding and had to leave early.  But such is life.  For dinner we had pork chops, pesto pasta and a green salad with apple pie for dessert.  It was all delicious and we went home happy and full.

This week is the last full week before Thanksgiving.  I am excited because I feel like I could use a little break.  But also kind of scary because that just means we are getting closer to the wedding and time is going to fly by at the end of the year.  The wedding this weekend was the last one we will attend before our own wedding.  It was very surreal to think about myself in the bride’s position but also made me that much more excited to finally marry my best friend.

Mailing Invitations


Our invitations finally arrived last week!  Which means I’ve been frantically trying to get them in the mail this week in order to give our guests plenty of time to RSVP.  There is a lot more work that goes into mailing invitations than I realized.  First of all, because our ceremony and reception are at two different locations, we have multiple things to include with the invitation.  We have to include the invitation, RSVP card, directions to the ceremony, directions to the reception venue, nearby hotel recommendations, and a gate pass for the reception because it’s inside a gated community.  I’m tired and confused just thinking about it.


With the RSVP card I had to be as specific as possible because we need people to know exactly how many are invited.  We are maxing out the venue, so not many people are getting plus ones, unless they are married.  There is a spot on the card for them to then let us know exactly how many and who will be attending.  It was important to include all of this so they don’t assume they get to bring a date.  We also had to mention that the reception venue has a strict dress code, so people better not show up in jeans.  Which I don’t think would happen anyway, but we had to put it out there just in case.  We had to include a gate pass to help speed up the gate entrance process.  I am sure this is going to confuse a lot of people and most of them won’t even remember to bring the pass with them anyway.


A little trick I have learned along the way is to number the back of the RSVP cards and match it up to your guest list.  This is important because some people will forget to write their names on the RSVP card and won’t put their return address on the envelope.  If this happens you will have an easy way to figure out whose card it was.


The biggest task of all is going to be addressing all of the envelopes.  We went back and forth with the option of hand writing or buying stickers.  We bought a stamp for the RSVP return envelopes and stickers for the return address, but decided to hand write the regular envelopes.  Since my Mom has the best handwriting, and she has a lot of free time right now, she has so graciously offered to hand write them.  So this week has been a team effort to get them all completed.  I went over Monday night to print out the gate passes and put everything that needs to go in the envelopes together.  Tonight I will go over and help stuff envelopes, stamp envelopes and seal them up while my Mom writes all the names.  It is quite the team effort, but we are slowly making progress.  My goal is to have them in the mail by this weekend.  Then we just patiently wait for the responses to start coming in so we can create a seating chart.  It’s a never ending to do list.

Another Meeting


Last month we met with the Pastor that will be officiating our wedding.  We left with some homework in hand to complete before our next meeting.  That meeting was last week.  Our homework was to decide on how we wanted certain things said during our ceremony.  When we first met with the Pastor we were given a generic outline of how typical wedding ceremonies flow.  This outline included multiple options on how to say each part of the ceremony.  It was then our homework to read through these options and select how we wanted things to be said, and also to pick scriptures to be read during the ceremony.


To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited about this part of the wedding planning.  I feel like the actual ceremony is a guests least favorite part of a wedding.  Everybody gets excited for the food, the dancing and the free drinks.  Ceremonies can be long, too religious, or just plain boring for some people.  And I was afraid that ours would be all of the above.  But the more we started reading through the options and thinking about making it our own ceremony, the more I realized how important it is to make it our own.  We will be including a few cultural things in our ceremony that will have a special meaning for my fiance’s side of the family.  We will also be including our own music and vocals from friends that will have special meaning to my future in-laws.  The fact that we have decided to get married in a church will make my Dad very happy.  As it turns out, the church we are getting married in is the church my fiance grew up attending, but also where I went to preschool at.  Also, the song we will play as I walk down the aisle is the same song that my Mom walked down to.  It’s all of these little details that will make our ceremony special.


Now that we have completed our homework, I must say it was actually pretty fun.  My favorite part was deciding on how we want our vows to be read.  Neither of us want to write our own personal vows, so we had to select a generic vow.  Reading that part out loud to each other made all of this feel so real to me.  Also deciding on how we want to be introduced hit me pretty hard.  I plan on changing my last name once we are married.  Which was my decision, and obviously my fiance supports it.  But it still feels a little weird knowing that this name I have had for almost 27 years will all of a sudden be different.  I will have to learn how to sign my name again, I will have to introduce myself by a new name, and I will have to get all new credit cards and a license with my new name.  I was talking to my Mom about this because I wanted to know how she felt when she had to change her name.  She was finishing college at the time and wanted to make it easier with paperwork so she didn’t change her name right away.  She got a little more time to ease into the name change.  But now she has had her ‘new’ last name longer than she had her maiden name.  So I guess it’s not so weird for her anymore.  And it makes me kind of excited for when I can say that. Although that also means I will be about 55 years old by then.  On second thought, I think I can wait for that moment.


I am really enjoying these meetings because we get a chance to talk about other important things besides just wedding planning.  There is so much more that goes along with a wedding.  It’s also a marriage, and a commitment to each other.  It has forced us to talk about important things we may not have talked about before like finances and babies.  Up until now I have always tried to be an independent person.  A marriage takes more than one person though, and I am realizing that I can’t do everything by myself anymore.  And I don’t want to anymore.  I have this amazing partner now that is willing to put in the time and effort to make great things happen for us.  We are a team now and that is such a good feeling.

Menu Tasting



Last night we had the menu tasting at our reception venue.  They will be doing all of the catering and we just have to choose which package we want.  Each package comes with appetizers, an entree with soup or salad, and a bar package.  This menu tasting covered a little bit of everything.  We got to sample a few appetizers, the salad options, some of their wine and champagne, as well as 2 entree options from each package.  There are 3 packages to choose from and each package has a variety of entree options, all prepared in different ways.  Most include at least a chicken, a fish, and a vegetarian option.  Obviously the more expensive the package, the more choices you get for the entrees.

They also had a few tables set up to display the different styles they offer.  Although the tables with all the candles and the chargers and the colored linens looks beautiful, all I can think about is how expensive that stuff is to do.  I am happy to do just white linens and napkins and call it a party.  When it comes down to it, I guarantee  your guests are not going to remember what color napkins you had or what your centerpieces looked like.  They are going to remember when Uncle Bob tried to do the splits and ripped his pants.  Everyone is here to celebrate your marriage and have a good time.  The tables are just a spot to eat and sit.



As for the food, we definitely had some favorites.  We didn’t get to try too many appetizers because the fiance wanted to dive right into the entrees.  We did try a beef slider which was delicious as well as some cheese and crackers.  But you can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers.  We tasted a few different types of fish including salmon, halibut and sea bass.  I loved the salmon and the halibut but the sea bass was not my favorite.  There was also a roasted chicken but I didn’t care much for that either.  It was moist and well cooked but not seasoned at all.  I think the beef was my favorite.  There was a slow cooked boneless short rib that I could’ve gone back for seconds and thirds, it was so delicious!  And also a filet mignon that was cooked and seasoned perfectly.  Of course the filet mignon is on the expensive package so I’m not sure we will be having that.

Each entree comes with a protein (your meat choice), a vegetable and a starch.  There were three vegetables and three starches to sample.  They had two types of steamed vegetables which were good but not seasoned at all and sweet corn which was delicious.  The starches were rice, mashed potatoes, and scalloped potatoes.  I loved all of the starches, but the mashed potatoes were definitely my favorite.

There were also three salads to sample.  One salad had apples, dried cranberries, goat cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.  This one was my favorite.  I am usually a classic Caesar salad kind of girl, but this salad was delicious.  The other salad had tomatoes, cucumber and carrots with a champagne vinaigrette.  This one was good but nothing could beat that first salad.  And of course they have Caesar salad which is a classic.



The venue started this new thing where you can have duet plates.  So instead of asking your guests which type of protein they want, you take away their options and give them both proteins.  In the past, they have run into the issue of their guests changing their minds the day of the wedding and trying to remove their sticker indicator on the name cards which results in some very confused waiters.  To eliminate any confusion they now allow you to give both options to your guests so nobody has to choose or be confused.

I have no idea what food we will choose yet, because it will all come down to which package we want.  But I definitely have my favorites.  So as soon as we choose the package I will be ready with my meal options.

Tips for Tours


Unless you have one specific venue that you have always dreamed of having your wedding reception at, chances are you will have to see a couple before choosing one.  Now that I have been on 5 venue tours, I think it’s safe to say I am a pro.  Totally kidding.  But I will say that it does get easier the more places you see.  Before we went on our first tour we googled, “questions to ask on a wedding venue tour” and found some very helpful tips.  How did people survive before Google?!


My favorite website for finding venue options has been Here Comes the Guide.  You can search for venues based on the state, the area within the state, the number of guests, your budget, etc.  They summarize the venue details on their site, but also provide contact information and links to the actual venue’s website.  It’s seriously the best.  They even have a list of questions to ask the venue.  How perfect.


Some of the questions will already be answered once you dig deeper into the venue’s website.  I don’t know how it is for other areas, but in Northern California, all the venues I contacted responded right away and were so helpful and nice.  It has really been an easy process so far.  I mean besides the stress of actually having to pick a venue and a date and all that other stuff.


That was the most long winded introduction to get to the point of this post.  Even after going through any wedding package papers you may receive, you will probably still have questions.  So here are 10 (hopefully) helpful questions you can ask when you go tour a venue:


  1.   How long will I have use of the venue?  Can I come early to take pictures?

Some couples take their photos directly after the ceremony while their guests enjoy cocktail hour.  However, for us, the ceremony and the reception will not be at the same location.  We also don’t want to miss out on our cocktail hour so we would prefer to take photos before the ceremony.  That’s why it is important for us to ask if the venue would allow us to come earlier in the day to take pictures.

2.  Are there decoration guidelines/restrictions?  Can I bring in whatever decorations I want?

This is in regards to table decorations.  For example, can I bring in flowers, table runners, etc. to decorate each table?

3.  Does your staff set up and clean up, or is that something I will have to do myself?

Personally, I would rather pay someone else to do all that so I can just relax and enjoy my day and not have to worry if all my flowers are in the right place or if the name cards are set up.

4.  Do you have a coat check service?  Or a place to leave umbrellas if it’s raining?

This is definitely not something I would have thought to ask about.  But since I am planning to get married around winter time and there’s a chance it might rain, it is an important thing to ask.

5.  Can we do a food tasting before selecting the menu?

Most venues have a wide variety of menu options for hors d’eouvres and entrees, so it really depends how picky you or your guests are if this is important to you.  Some venues include this so it wouldn’t be anything extra.

6.  Is there a separate menu for kids and teens?  And is there a cost difference?

Usually there is a separate menu for kids (under 12) and it is cheaper than the regular dinner package for adults.  If the venue has a combined food and beverage package, it might be worth asking if there is a difference in price for teens.  Some venues have a teen menu (12-21) which is the same food option as the adult but it is cheaper because it does not include the alcohol since they are not of age.

7.  Can we bring in pies instead of a cake for dessert?  Will this cost any extra?  Will your staff serve them?

My fiance and I went to a wedding recently that served pie instead of cake and we absolutely loved that idea.  Most venues either include or have a cake cutting/serving fee per person.  And if the venue allows you to bring in outside catering anyway, then it’s most likely not an issue.  But it’s best to ask and make sure, since wedding pie is not the traditional way to go.

8.  How much parking is available?

This is more of a concern with larger weddings.  Especially if you have out of town guests that will all be driving separately, you want to make sure ahead of time that they will be able to park.

9.  How many restrooms are there?

Again, another concern for larger weddings.  Especially if you have an open bar.  Enough said.

10.  Do you provide any shuttle services to nearby hotels?  If so, is that extra and how much?

This might be a good follow up question if the venue doesn’t have ample parking for guests on site.  Some venues include a free or paid shuttle service in coordination with a nearby hotel.  It all depends how necessary you think this might be (are you having an open bar?) and if you are willing to pay extra for it.


Obviously some of these questions were based on our personal wedding, but it’s a good start to get your mind thinking about what you might want to ask.  And don’t be afraid to ask questions because most venues are willing to customize any wedding package to fit your needs.  Remember, it’s YOUR day.

Weekend Recap – More Wedding Stuff


It feels like this blog is slowly turning into a wedding journal, but I can’t help it because it is slowly taking over all my free time right now.  I can easily see how being an event planner is a full time job.


This weekend was another eventful one for the wedding planning.  As I mentioned in my last weekend recap, this weekend we toured 3 venues, met with a priest, and I went wedding dress shopping.  I was exhausted by the end of it but I would say it was overall a success.


Saturday was the most busy day for us.  It started with a venue tour of a golf club in our town.  As soon as I walked through the doors of this place I fell in love.  It is my favorite that we have seen so far.  Thankfully it was set up for a wedding that was happening that evening so we were able to get the full effect of how the place would look on our night.  Since I cannot do this place justice with trying to describe it, I will show some pictures instead.  I was in the moment during the tour that I forgot to take pictures, so these are all from the venues website.






I am obsessed with that staircase.  It is absolutely gorgeous and all a bit dramatic.  I can already picture our bridal party making their grand entrance down those stairs.  The only down side to this place is that it is on the higher end of our budget.  So it will come down to crunching the numbers.


The next venue we went to was not as successful.  It was a beautiful place, but we did not have as good of an experience and it just didn’t feel right.  I loved how big and open the room felt with the vaulted ceilings.  It was very rustic looking with big wooden doors and open archways throughout the place.  But the person that showed us around barely said anything and just did not sell it to us.  So I think it’s safe to say this one is out of the picture.


After those two tours we met with the Priest from my church in town which was also not very successful.  To spare you of a rather long story, it comes down to timing of the ceremony.  The latest we could do the ceremony is 1:30pm, but we want the reception to be later at night, around 5pm.  This would mean our guests would have to find something to do for the 3 hours in between ceremony and reception.  Since most of our guests will be coming from out of town, this is not ideal.  Unfortunately, I am not sure what we will decide to do now.


Sunday was a new day and another eventful one.  It started with another venue tour.  This one was at a winery in the next town over.  There are actually two choices of rooms at this place.  However, based on our larger guest count we only have the option of using one.  Which worked out fine because I liked our option of room better than the smaller one anyway.  This venue is my second favorite place!  Again, I was too distracted to take pictures, so I’ll share some from the venue website.  This venue is also on the higher end of the budget so it’s really going to come down to the number crunching.  We have one more venue tour scheduled for next weekend and then it’s big decision time!






After that tour was the part of the weekend I was most excited about!  Wedding dress shopping!  I invited my Mom, my sister-in-law and my best friend to come with me.  Since my appointment was not until later in the afternoon, we all went out to lunch first and then did some shopping downtown.  It was all very relaxing.  Then came appointment time and I was actually kind of nervous.  I picked out about 5 dresses to start with.  The first dress I absolutely loved.  Right away I knew this was going to be hard.  The next dress I absolutely loved.  After trying them all on I had to start narrowing it down or else I would never pick one.  I went in to this thinking I knew what style I wanted but after trying on a few different styles I figured out what I liked was actually a bit different.  I didn’t officially say, “Yes to the Dress”, but I definitely said a strong maybe.  And it happened to be that first dress I tried on.  I wasn’t going into the appointment thinking I would find the one, so I didn’t buy anything just yet.  But the more I think about it the more I want that dress.  I am so glad that went smoother than I could ever have imagined.

Bridesmaid Gift Idea




As with most things in my life, I found the inspiration for these gifts on Pinterest.  I wanted to do something a little creative when I asked my potential bridesmaids to be in the wedding.  The one I found on Pinterest was actually from Etsy, so I could have ordered that exact gift.  Although the ones on Etsy were only about $10, I found a similar necklace at Claire’s for buy one get one free and I would just have to put it all together myself.  Since I don’t mind doing crafty things, I figured why not save a little money since this is just for fun anyway.


Enough about the back story, let’s get to the fun part of how I put the gifts together.  Here’s a photo of how the necklaces came from the store:





Since the cute customized card didn’t come with these, I had to make something myself.  I ended up just playing around on Word until I found a font and style that I liked.  For the paper, I used a white and semi glittery piece of scrapbook paper and then cut them into squares to fit into an envelope.  To hold the necklace to the card, I used a lot of tape.  I bundled up the back of the necklace on the back of card and taped that down, and I also taped the sides and the ring part.  As for the diamond, I Googled ‘diamond drawing’, copied the image into Word, and played around with the sizing until it looked just right.






For my Maid Of Honor I wanted to do a little something extra.  I found this funny card, again on Pinterest, and made it myself with the help of Word.  I am so thankful for all the fancy fonts because I do not have the best handwriting.




Although this whole wedding planning thing can be a bit overwhelming at times, it’s the little things like this that remind me to just enjoy the ride.  This is supposed to be a time to celebrate love and family’s coming together.  I can worry about what color shoes I want to wear or what our party favors should be later.  For now, I am just enjoying it piece by piece and I know that it will all come together.

Weekend Recap – Baseball and Weddings


I am really enjoying these weekend recap posts.  It gives me a chance to relive my weekends just a little bit longer, and capture them online to look back on whenever I want.  This past weekend was quite an eventful one for me.  From the outside in it may not sound very eventful, but each thing had its own special meaning to me.  My weekend included a baseball game and a wedding venue tour.




My brother is the head coach for the Los Medanos junior college and they had a baseball game on Saturday.  So my family and some family friends all piled in the van to support the team.  With my Mom on chemo, it’s always a risk and a challenge if she will be up for all day events.  But she is a proud Momma and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to watch her son doing what he loves best.  Unfortunately, they did not win the game, but the team fought till the end and even went into extra innings.  It was quite exciting stressful.




My sister-in-law brought this article that was published in the school’s local newspaper to the game on Saturday.  When my Mom started to lose her hair and had to shave her head, my brother decided to do it with her so she wouldn’t be the only bald headed one in the family.  After my brother showed up to practice the next day with a shaved head, his team decided they wanted in on the fun too and shaved their heads in support of my Mom.  I was beyond shocked and impressed and honored when I read this article.  It brought me to tears.  The fact that a group of guys who don’t even know my Mom personally would show that kind of support speaks so much about their character.  By the way, the guys on this team are mostly freshmen which means they are only about 18 or 19 years old.  I just think that was so sweet and mature and I am really glad that they shared this moment in the school paper.




On Sunday, my fiance and I took our very first tour of a possible venue for our wedding.  Ever since we got engaged, I have been feeling so much pressure from family and friends about all our wedding plans.  To the point that it was scaring me into even starting the process.  And I know it was all out of love, but when everyone is asking you when are you getting married, and where, and how many people, and what color or theme is your wedding going to be, how many bridesmaids are you going to have… the list goes on and on.  It got a little overwhelming.  Especially since we are hoping to have the wedding by the end of the year.  Which I am slowly realizing in the wedding world it is crazy to plan a wedding in under a year.  And we are definitely realizing that as we start contacting venues and they are already booked through March of 2017.


But I am not completely discouraged yet.  We have found a few venues that may still have availability.  Next weekend we have 2 tours on Saturday as well as meeting with the Priest.  Then I am trying on wedding dresses on Sunday.  Followed by another venue tour the next Friday.  Needless to say, this month will be a bit crazy.  But I am hoping that we will be able to decide on a place and get something booked by the end of the month.  That sounds so scary and exciting all at the same time.