This One Italian Girl

Weekend Recap – Getting in the Christmas Spirit


This weekend was a fun filled Christmas one.  As always, it started on Friday.  Our original plan was to take our parents out to dinner at the restaurant we will have our rehearsal dinner at in order to sample the food and decide on the menu for that night.  However, since it is the holiday season, the restaurant was closing early for a private event.  Instead, we took them out to a middle eastern restaurant that was new to all of us.  And it was delicious.  After dinner we took them to the house of lights.  It is this one guy’s house who goes above and beyond with the Christmas lights in his front yard.  There is a new theme every year and he allows people to walk through and take pictures.  We took my Dad last year for the first time and my Mom this year for the first time.  The theme this year was gingerbread cookies and he used over half a million lights.  It’s a really incredible display and always a fun little tradition we like to do.


Saturday the fiance went crabbing with his brother and dad in the morning which left me to do whatever I wanted.  First, I got up early and went for a run.  Then I came home and had breakfast and took the pup for a quick walk.  I had a meeting with the photographer later in the morning to pick up our guest book as well as go over the timing for the day of the wedding.  It’s hard because we have to work backwards from the ceremony since we plan to take most of our pictures before.  But we also have to account for hair and makeup time in the morning so the timing is really important.  After the meeting I ran a couple of errands and worked on a few wedding projects as my parents house.

That night the fiance and I headed up to a friends house for our annual Christmas movie night.  For the past few years a few our family friends have gotten together to watch a Christmas movie and have dinner together.  In the previous years we have watched The Polar Express, The Santa Clause, and A Christmas Story.  This year we watched Elf.  They all decorated Christmas cookies earlier that day so while we watched the movie we ate cookies and drank hot chocolate.  After the movie we made the long drive home, picked up the pup, and headed straight to bed.


Sunday we didn’t have plans until that evening.  I was planning to get up and go for a run but I decided to let myself sleep in instead.  And it was amazing.  Once the fiance was awake we started all of our chores for the day.  We had some laundry to do and Christmas shopping to finish.  It was a lot of back and forth between our parents house but we got everything done.  We also went grocery shopping and made soup for the week.  That evening we went downtown to watch the fiance’s Dad perform with his brass group.  Every year they play Christmas music at the brewery downtown.  This year I took my parents and we had dinner and drinks while we listened.  It was the perfect way to end the weekend.