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Weekend Recap – Dress, Flowers, and Cookies


This weekend was a busy one.  It started on Friday which included getting a marriage license, having my final dress fitting, and a final meeting with the florist.  We tried to get our marriage license last weekend at our local county clerk’s office, however, that is the one thing they don’t do there.  So we went to the main county clerk’s office early Friday morning to get it done.

Later that morning my best friend came to my final dress fitting appointment.  The alterations lady recommended her being there so she could see how to zip me into my dress and how to bustle it correctly.  My friend hadn’t seen the dress since it was first ordered, so it was really fun to show her how it looks now after all the alterations.  Little story time about the dress fitting.  So my maid of honor and fiance have been trying to be healthier and work out for the last few months in order to prep and look their best for the wedding.  I decided  I didn’t want to put any extra stress on myself to lose weight, so I have just been trying to be healthy without doing a crazy crash diet.  Well my maid of honor thought it was crazy that I’m the only one not doing a wedding diet.  Let me tell you, maybe I should have listened.  When she went to zip up my dress she told me to suck it in, which I did and she buttoned it, but then I let out a huge exhale and popped a bottom off!  The dress fit fine, it was just the dramatic exhale I did that caused the button to pop off.  But it still made me feel a little bad, so I think this next month I should try a little extra hard to eat healthy.

After the dress fitting we went out to lunch downtown before the next meeting.  The last appointment of the day was with the florist that afternoon.  She had a mock centerpiece made to make sure I still like the look, which I loved!  She did a mock of the tall centerpiece, which is very tall and dramatic and I love it.  And also to confirm the counts and types were all correct and I didn’t want to change anything.  I bought some table numbers online to stick into the centerpieces that I was hoping would have arrived by Friday to bring to the appointment.  Of course they arrived on Saturday instead.  I’m sure they will be fine though.

Friday night me and the fiance met up with a friend in the city for dinner and drinks.  We went out for dim sum which was delicious and then had a few cocktails on the roof of my friend’s apartment building.  It was such a cool view.  That’s the one plus of being in the city is having access to the roof with amazing views.

Saturday was the only day that I didn’t have any plans for the weekend.  The fiance slept in because he stayed up a lot later than me.  So I got up early and had breakfast, fed the dog, and was tired of waiting for him to wake up.  So I headed to my parent’s house to do some laundry.  He woke up in time for lunch so we went out for soup which was perfect because it was raining all day.  Then we went home and watched Christmas movies and meal prepped the rest of the day.

Sunday I went with my parents to one of my aunts house to make our annual Christmas cookies.  These are not your average Christmas cookies though, they are an Italian tradition.  They are in a crescent shape with an almond paste filling inside wrapped inside of a pastry dough.  It’s hard to explain, but trust me, they are delicious!  I don’t know why we only make them once a year.  I really need to get the recipe so I can make them whenever I want.  We went in the afternoon to make the cookies and stayed for dinner.  My aunt made us homemade lasagna followed by homemade mocha’s and egg eggnog lattes.  It was the perfect ending to a busy weekend.

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