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Book Review – All The Missing Girls


Last month we read “All The Missing Girls” by Megan Miranda.  It was a mystery/suspense type of book.  Which happens to be one of my favorite types of books.  I like scary movies and murder mystery books.  What is wrong with me?  They are such page turner books though and the movies you just can’t look away.  Totally entertaining.  In a twisted kind of way.

Anyway, on to the book.  Overall, I did enjoy the book.  I thought the writing style was a little weird for my liking and the middle of the book was a little dry, but I enjoyed the story and it kept me wanting to find out more.  The story revolves around this girl, Nic, who is visiting her hometown to help clear out her Dad’s house to sell because he has dementia and is now living in an assisted home.  While she is back in town though, some stuff from her past keeps getting brought up that she has tried so hard to forget about.

Ten years earlier Nic’s best friend, Corrine, goes missing and they never did find her or figure out what happened.  While Nic is in town, this other girl has taken interest into the unsolved mystery and starts asking around, stirring up old history.  Well then this new girl goes missing and now the whole town is interested and cops are trying to interview Nic’s family for information to see if these two girls’ disappearances are linked.  Since Nic’s Dad has dimentia he starts giving away information to the cops about Corinne, and it causes Nic to freak out that he might say something that will be taken the wrong way.

The book starts with the second girl going missing, and the rest of the book is written backwards, each day before it, for the previous 2 weeks.  As the book goes on, you learn more about that night Corinne went missing and how exactly all of her friends played into it.  Which then eventually ties into how this second girl got involved and why she cares so much to figure out what happened.  There are a lot of characters including, Nic, her brother, her ex boyfriend, her current fiance, Corrine’s boyfriend, and Nic’s Dad.  Their stories are all intertwined and it isn’t until the last chapter that you really learn what happened on that night ten years ago at the fair.

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