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Weekend Recap – What a Mess


Where do I even begin?  This weekend was kind of a hot mess for a lot of reasons.  It all started on Thursday morning.  I got into a little car accident.  I was driving to an inspection for work and merging onto the craziest freeway intersection where I live at prime morning traffic time.  I turned left to merge onto the freeway and I didn’t see anyone coming.  Well then I heard his horn so I slammed on my brakes causing him to run into the back of my car.  It was a stupid mistake, and looking back, I probably should have just sped up to get out of his way.  But since I didn’t see him I slammed on the brakes and now my rear wheel is messed up.  Not a good way to end the week.

We exchanged information and both cars were drive able so we parted ways, but I was still pretty shook up.  I had never been in an accident before and I was feeling guilty that it was all my fault.  So I went a parked my car, had a little melt down on the phone with my fiance, and he calmed me down.  Thankfully I went over to my parent’s house that night to help decorate their Christmas tree, so that made everything better.


Friday was spent on the phone with my insurance and an auto body shop trying to get my car taken in to get this fixed ASAP.  Unfortunately, the car shop isn’t open on weekends so I had to wait until this morning to take it in for an estimate and then it will probably take another week to get fixed.  The fiance had the day off so later that afternoon we tried to go get our marriage license.  Turns out that’s the one thing they don’t do at the county office in town, so now we have to go to the main county office which is like 30 minutes away.  Such a let down.  After that we went to the grocery store and cooked a nice dinner to eat on our brand new table.  Then we had our final meeting with the pastor to go over the ceremony.

The fiance’s mom was having some stomach pains on Friday and ended up at the ER on Friday night, so after our meeting we went and visited her and picked up his dad’s car.  The fiance had to work early the next day so I had the whole day to myself.  I took the pup for a walk with my Dad and their dog, I ran a few errands, wrapped some presents, and started setting up our Christmas decorations.  I wanted to wait until the fiance got home to decorate the tree, but he got held over and then we ended up visiting his mom in the hospital again Saturday night so the tree had to wait.

The fiance had to work again on Sunday, and I had book club.  I got up early to finish my book and then headed to the meeting.  The book was a pretty easy ready and I enjoyed it so I might do a book review.  After book club I headed to my parent’s to pick up the pup and then headed home to check on dinner.  We bought ourselves a crock pot last weekend and used it twice this weekend!  Friday night we had a beef stew cooking overnight and then Sunday we made stuffed peppers.  Both were delicious and I can’t wait to keep trying new recipes.  We plan to make a lot of stew and soup this winter!

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