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So Much To Do, So Little Time


Remind me again why I thought getting married right after all of the major holidays was a good idea??  I feel like all I have been posting about lately is wedding stuff.  But I can’t help it when it’s on my brain ALL.THE.TIME.  During the beginning of this whole wedding planning process I kept telling myself not to sweat the little things.  In the grand scheme of things, those little details are really not as important as I might think they are at the time.  But that has been a lot harder to remember lately.  Now that it’s getting closer to the big day, all I have left to do is figure out and decide on all those little things.  And it’s been a lot harder than it probably should be.


Our deadline for RSVP’s is this Friday and we have only received a little over half of the responses.  I am really hoping the rest pour in this week because I do not want to have to call all of those people asking if they are coming or not.  So far we haven’t gotten any no responses which is good and bad news.  It’s good because I am happy that everyone is able and wants to come and celebrate with us, but it’s also bad because we have maxed out the venue.  Which means the tables will be tight and we have to fill every single seat.  I’m starting to think we should have left ourselves a little wiggle room.  Once we get all of the responses we have to do the seating chart.  Which I am absolutely dreading because there has been a little drama within my extended family over the last year so we can’t sit certain people together.  So that should be fun…


The next minor decision on my list is the table numbers.  We have picked the florist and centerpieces will be a combination of tall and short vases.  However, since we will be maxing the tables at 12 people, there won’t be a lot of room for extra stuff on the tables.  For the tall centerpieces we are going to use picture frames and the short centerpieces we are going to use wooden sticks with the numbers on them.  I bought wooden sticks with the intention to spray paint them, but that means I have to decide on a color.  The other big decision is the name cards.  We are offering either a meat dish or a vegetarian dish and a lot more people are choosing the vegetarian than I thought.  Which is totally fine, but that means I have to come up with some way to distinguish on the name cards which dish people are having.  I will also need to distinguish if any of them are kids and want a kids meal.


One more minor but kind of big project is finishing our party favors.  My future mother-in-law has so graciously offered to help make our party favors.  They will be little hand-stitched bags full of jordan almonds.  She made the same bags for her wedding and jordan almonds are a traditional Italian wedding thing.  So it’s a perfect combination of family traditions.  I am helping her stitch bags, but I have done maybe 50 while she is already over 100.  Clearly she is doing most of the work here.  Once we are done stitching, she will sew the sides of the bags shut and then we can fill them.  We plan to have a little get together with whoever wants to help stuff the bags.


While all of these things may be minor and not that important in the end, they are all things that need to get done.  I have a feeling these next 4 weeks are going to fly by.  Which I am totally okay with.  I am ready for this wedding to be here.  I am ready to celebrate and I am ready for the planning to be done.  I think I am starting to stress more because I know that there are also 3 major holidays happening right before the wedding.  Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is right around the corner, and New Year’s is the final countdown to the wedding.  The end of the month is when we have to give our final counts to the final.  No changes can be made after that which will actually be perfect because then I don’t have to think about anything for the last 2 weeks.  We got a gift card for a couple’s massage at one of my bridal shower’s and I’m starting to think we should use that before the wedding…

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