This One Italian Girl

Weekend Recap – Camping


I have been looking forward to this weekend for about a month, ever since I booked the camp site.  I love camping.  And since I missed out on the annual camping trip with the fiance’s family, I was super excited to have a trip of my own.  My best friend and I tried to get a group of our old college friends together for this camping trip, but unfortunately, most of them couldn’t make it.  So it was just me, my best friend, one of our college friends, and one of her high school friends.  Which was perfect because the campsite would only allow 4 people.  And the pup too.

I found a camp site on the Russian River, which is right by where I went to college.  My best friend and I went to the river one year for 4th of July and had the best time, which is what made us want to plan this trip.  So Friday afternoon I packed up my car with my tent and all my camping gear and met up with everyone else halfway.  We switched cars to one of the guy’s 5-seater trucks so we could all ride together and stopped at Safeway to get all our food.  Then we hopped back in the car and headed up to the river.

First thing we did when we got to the campsite was set up all our stuff.  Our campsite was pretty big, but we were surrounded by a playground and lots of screaming kids.  We set up our tents in a little barricade around our site to keep the kids out.  After everything was set up we decided to get dinner cooking since none of us had eaten lunch.  For dinner we had BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and salad.  It was delicious.  Then we decided to do some exploring of the campground.  We walked through the campground to scope out which sites we would want for next time.  Then we found the path to the beach so we walked down and hung out at the river for a bit.  Once it got too cold, we headed back to camp to start a fire.  The rest of the evening was pretty relaxing, we played some card games and made s’mores.  The fiance ended up coming late after work, so we stayed up until he got there and then we all went to bed.




Saturday we got up early, made some breakfast, and packed up for the beach.  We carried all our stuff to the beach and spent the entire day at the river.  We couldn’t have gotten better weather that day.  We floated down the river a bit, people watched all the canoes going by, and played some drinking games on the beach.  It was the perfect summer day.  Once the sun started to set we decided to head back to camp and start dinner.  We ate sausage and bell pepper sandwiches.  After dinner we played a few games and made s’mores again.  I think being in the sun all day tired me out because I went to bed early that night.

Sunday we all got up early, made breakfast, and packed up camp.  I can’t believe how fast that weekend went by.  The cars were all packed and we headed for home.  The first thing I did when I got home was give the dog a bath and give myself a bath.  After that it was time to unload the car and do some laundry.  It was such a fun weekend getaway, and it makes me want to go camping again.  There’s something about being surrounded by trees, actually being able to see the stars at night, and not having cell service that is so relaxing.  I’m hoping I can squeeze in one more camping trip before the summer is over.

Weekend Recap – Dog Sitting


I am so behind on my weekend recaps.  Before I recap this past weekend, I need to recap the weekend before that.  Two weeks ago I got to dog sit for my parent’s dog (Stella) while they were in Hawaii.  I wish I could have gone to Hawaii.  They went for a family friends wedding, which I was actually invited to, but unfortunately I am saving up vacation time for my own wedding and honeymoon right now.  So I stayed home and watched the dog.  Which was totally fine by me.  Free food, free laundry, and another dog for my pup (Abby) to play with was more than I could ask for.



When we first got Abby, I was really nervous to introduce her to Stella.  Thankfully it has worked out great and these girls love to play together.  We took Stella to puppy classes when we first got her, and she was fine with other dogs.  But after that, we never really took her to dog parks so she didn’t get the best socialization.  Because of that, she has grown to bark when she sees other dogs on walks, especially with smaller dogs.  So when we got Abby, I was nervous that Stella would just bark and try to attack her.  But I think because I brought Abby over and was there with both of them, Stella knew she was my dog and knew she was a puppy and has never once tried to hurt Abby.

Watching them play is probably my favorite thing ever.  They have two completely different play styles.  Stella is 11 years old and Abby is 1.5 years old.  Their energy levels are polar opposite.  Stella can keep up for maybe 5 minutes and then she has had enough.  Abby will run circles around Stella, biting at her ankles, trying to herd her, and then Stella gets tired and lays down.  But Abby isn’t done playing, so she continues to torment Stella by nipping at her face or her legs to try and get her to keep playing.  If Stella wants to keep playing she will paw back at Abby, but if she’s had enough she will give a little growl that lets Abby know she is done.




That was our excitement for the week.  Then last weekend I purposely made no plans so we could get some wedding things done.  Which we did.  Friday night I got my hair done as a trial for the wedding.  I really liked the way it turned out and if I don’t find another style I like better, that is probably what I will do.  Plus I ended up playing softball Friday night, and my hair held up pretty well with all the running, so that’s always a good sign.



On Saturday we got up and went to the jewelry store to get my engagement ring cleaned and also to pick out my wedding band.  After that we went out to lunch to prepare ourselves for the next thing.  Our next big task was to get started on our wedding registry.  I had no idea how much of a task this was going to be.  We registered at Macy’s which we were probably there for a good 3 hours and didn’t even get close to finishing.  You have to make sure you register for enough gifts based on your guest list count, but they also have to be a wide range of prices so everyone can purchase something.  It is a lot of work.  Thankfully there’s the internet so we were able to go home and look for some more things from the couch that night.

Starting our registry wiped us out.  We got ice cream on the way home and then we both took a 2 hour nap.  After the much needed nap we hung out with the dogs, did a few loads of laundry, and got sushi for dinner while watching the Olympics.  It was a pretty relaxing night.  Sunday morning we got up and took the dogs for a hike before it got too hot.  Then we went out to lunch, came home and took a nap, and then cleaned up my parent’s house before they got back.  We went over to the fiance’s parent’s house for dinner because they just got back from a trip too.  After dinner we did our grocery shopping and watched some more Olympics.  It was such a relaxed weekend and I loved it.  Because the next few weekends were busy.

Weekend Recap – Cabin



Mondays are hard.  Especially after a fun weekend spent out of town with friends.  So a couple weeks ago my brother turned thirty.  The big three-oh.  He decided to have a little birthday trip getaway.  He rented a cabin for the weekend near Arnold and Murphy’s area and invited a group of friends.  I was one of the lucky friends invited.  Unfortunately, the fiance couldn’t come with me.  At first he wasn’t sure he would be able to get the time off from work, and then at the last minute was able to but decided to go camping with his family.  They go camping up near Mendocino every summer, ever since he was little, to go Abalone diving.  Since this was the only chance he would have to go this year with them, he decided to do that instead of the cabin.  Which I totally understand, but since I had already committed to the cabin, I couldn’t go camping with his family this year.

Anyway.  I went to the cabin for the weekend and had a great time.  I carpooled with 2 other people on Friday afternoon.  Which I am very glad I did because it is a bit of a drive.  About 2-3 hours away.  My brother and sister-in-law and another couple friend went up early on Friday and went golfing before everyone else arrived.  We got there right in time for dinner as they were BBQing some sausages.  I was starving after that long drive.



After dinner we explored the cabin a bit because it was huge.  The first floor was more like the basement.  It was a game room with a pin ball machine, a ping pong table, and some couches with a TV and stereo.  There was also a full bathroom down there.  Then the main floor was the kitchen, the living room with a fireplace and huge TV, and a bedroom with a bathroom and also a half bath in the laundry room.  There was also a wrap around porch with a BBQ and a firepit.  Then upstairs were three more bedrooms – one had 2 bunk beds and a queen bed, the other was a regular bedroom with a bathroom and lastly the master bedroom with a bathroom.  There were 8 of us total, but this house could easily sleep 12 in beds plus more with all those couches.


The rest of the evening was spent hanging out, playing games, and drinking.  We started out downstairs in the game room.  I never did get a chance to play ping pong, but I was terrible at pin ball.  Then we came back upstairs and played Kings Cup in which I lost.  Once we had all had probably one too many cocktails, we decided to go for a little night walk and see some stars.  That is probably my favorite thing about being out in the woods.  Being able to see so many stars, and actually see the milky way is beautiful.  Living in the city there’s always too many lights you never get to see those kind of stars.  At one point we all laid down in the street and saw 3 shooting stars.  Then we heard some rustling in the bushes and decided it was time to go home.




Saturday we all got up and had a lazy morning.  My sister-in-law made us a breakfast casserole and mimosas.  Once everyone was feeling alive again, we got ready and headed to the lake for the day.  We spent all afternoon at Lake Alpine, which was only about 20-30 minutes from our cabin.  One guy brought his inflatable stand up paddle board and I brought an inner tube.  We took turns going out on the board and tube, played games on the beach, and just relaxed.  Once it started cooling off we headed back to the cabin to start cooking dinner.  For dinner, we all brought a side dish to go with the tri-tip my brother bought.  There was a green salad, fruit salad, bok choy and I brought potato salad.  It was all delicious and we were all very full.

After spending all day in the sun, we were all pretty tired that night.  We ended up watching the Olympics and making a drinking game out of it.  We had to drink every time they said Rio, medal, record, or the USA team won.  We also made a mustache and hung it on the TV so that every time it lined up on someone’s face we had to drink.  It was super silly but a lot of fun.  After we got tired of that game we played Guesstures, girls against boys, and the boys won.  Then we called it a night and headed to bed.


Sunday morning we had to be out by 11am.  So we all woke up, had breakfast, and packed up our stuff.  We all brought way too much food so I ended up taking more home than I brought.  We packed up the cars and made the long drive back home.  I ended up getting back home around 2ish.  But since the fiance was still gone and he had the pup with him, I had nothing to do.  So I went and hung out at my parents house for a while.  I helped my Dad give their dog a bath, I started looking at wedding registry stuff, and I stayed for dinner.  After dinner I went home and unpacked, and worked on our wedding favors.  I have only made 3 so far, and we need about 200.  I really need to get moving on those things.

And now here we are, Monday morning already.  It was a fun weekend, but I am exhausted.  Thankfully next weekend we don’t have any big plans so I can really relax.  We do need to get some wedding things done, but that should be fun.

Weekend Recap – Santa Cruz


Monday mornings after a vacation are the worst.  Even after 8 hours of sleep, I still did not want to get up this morning and go back to work.  I need a vacation from my vacation.  The past 4 days I was having non-stop fun in Santa Cruz with my family.  I drove down with my parents Thursday morning and came home Sunday night with the fiance.

When got to Santa Cruz around noon on Thursday, just in time for lunch.  We parked the car and walked to the wharf where I had some clam chowder followed by gelato for dessert.  After lunch, we checked in to the hotel, dropped off our bags, and headed for the boardwalk.  One of my cousin’s family arrived on Wednesday and waited for us to do the boardwalk.  Two other cousins drove down for the night and met up with us to go on some rides.  Growing up I used to get an annual pass for the boardwalk and went on all the rides every summer.  As I got older we didn’t go as often and I probably hadn’t been on the rides for a good 5 years.  This year I went for it and bought a day pass for unlimited rides and went on everything again.  It was so much fun!




After the boardwalk we walked back to the hotel to freshen up and all went out to dinner downtown.  We went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate 2 birthdays (my brother and my cousin).  I split the fajitas with my Mom, we ordered a round of margaritas, and my cousin brought a cake for dessert.  We were considering going back to the boardwalk that night, but by the time we got back from dinner everyone was so full and so tired that we all just went to bed instead.

Friday morning we woke up early and went for a walk on the beach before breakfast.  It was cloudy in the morning but we were able to find some seashells for the little cousins.  After the walk we had some breakfast and then my Dad, brother, sister in law, and I went golfing.  I only go golfing about once a year, so I am by no means good, but it is still fun.  Thankfully it was only a 9-hole course because 1) it was super hot and 2) since it takes me about 8 swings per hole I was exhausted.  We finished golfing and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool.  I always forget how exhausting swimming can be.  After our swim we all freshened up and went to the wharf for dinner.  I got a Chinese chicken salad and ice cream for dessert.  After dinner we went back to the hotel and played a few games before bed.




Saturday morning we woke up early again for another walk on the beach.  This time we didn’t walk as far but built sand castles on the beach instead.  Well I mostly watched, but it was still fun.  After our walk we had breakfast and waited for the fiance to get there.  He showed up just in time for us to go to the boardwalk again for one of the little cousins to go on a few rides before they left to go home.  After all her ride tickets were gone we went back to the hotel, said our goodbyes, and had some lunch in the room.  Turns out my best friend was having a day date in Santa Cruz that day so we decided to meet up for a drink.  Me and the fiance walked downtown to meet them for a drink and then we all headed to the beach for a bit.  We couldn’t stay long though because my family had reservations for dinner to celebrate my brother and sister-in-laws 5 year wedding anniversary!  We went to this nice little Italian restaurant downtown where I had a sausage pasta dish and we all shared dessert of limoncello custard, cannoli, and a chocolate souffle.  The limoncello one was my favorite!  After dinner we did a little window shopping and stopped to get some cookies at our favorite bakery to take home.  Then we walked back to the hotel and played a game before bed.

Sunday morning we met up with my friend again for breakfast before they headed out.  I got eggs Benedict on a croissant with bacon and avocado.  It was amazing!  I am so recreating that at home.  After breakfast we met up with my parents to go bowling before heading home.  I didn’t win in bowling but I did break 100, which was all I cared about.  We walked back to the hotel, packed up our bags, had a quick lunch and headed back home.






It was nice to get home, but I did not miss our humid heat.  Which seemed so much worse having been in perfect sunny and 75 degree weather on the beach.  But we cranked on the air and put on a movie while we waited for the pup to get home too.  She spent the weekend with the fiance’s brother and girlfriend.  They took her out of town to a cabin on the lake where she got to run around and go swimming.  I think she had a lot of fun too.  All in all, I had an amazing long weekend spent with family.  I wasn’t planning to take any time off for this trip, but I am so glad I did.  Even though it was only a couple of days, it really helps refresh the mind and body.  Especially since my next vacation won’t be for another 6 months until our honeymoon!

Weekend Recap – Engagement Photos


I had such a fun and exciting weekend!  And on the plus side, it’s only a 3 day week for me because I am taking a couple days off to go on vacation with my family next weekend!  Makes Monday a whole lot better when you know there’s only 2 more days left to your week.  But that’s for another post, let’s get back to this past weekend.

Friday was my future MIL’s birthday.  We took her out to breakfast Friday morning at IHOP and I had the most delicious banana and nutella crepes.  Which my fiance said was just dessert.  Friday night I went back to their house to learn how to make the party favors for our wedding.  My MIL made these for their wedding and we thought it would be cute to continue the tradition.  We are going to fill our bags with jordan almonds because that’s an Italian thing.


On Saturday we went to San Francisco for a Poke convention.  No, not Pokemon, but poke like sushi.  Don’t even get me started on the whole pokemon go craze.  And no, I do not and never will play.  I am not a huge fan of raw sushi, so I got kahlua pork sliders instead.  I also got a pineapple soft serve before we left.  YUM!  It was SO crowded and hot at the convention and that we only stayed a few hours.  But I think that was about all the eating we could do anyway.


Once we got home, me and the fiance went to the mall to get him some new clothes for our engagement photos on Sunday.  Then we had a few friends over for dinner and drinks.  Sunday was the big day!  In the morning, 3 of my bridesmaids came to order their dresses and then we went out to lunch.  It feels so good to keep crossing things off my wedding to do list.  Then Sunday night we took our engagement photos.  We kept it local and took them all in town.  The photographer had a few places to recommend, but we knew we wanted to end downtown under the famous sign.  I’m not going to lie, it was a little awkward at first.  We had to stare into each other’s eyes and kiss and act like no one was taking our picture, when really some guy we only met once was taking our picture.  But after a few poses I got more comfortable and it was actually a lot of fun.  We should be getting our photos later this week and I am so excited!  We plan to use one for our save the date card so I’m going to have to pick just one.


July Favorites


These months are seriously flying by.  I feel like I say that after every month.  But you don’t really notice until another month has already come and gone.  Well with another month comes another favorites.  So here are the top five things I have been loving this month.


  1.  Aveeno Lotion – I know this is probably the most boring, basic thing ever.  But it has been a life saver this month.  I got sunburnt and also got a tattoo a few weeks ago, and when they both started peeling, this lotion saved my life.  I have been using it as a daily moisturizer before putting on my makeup.  It keeps my skin super moisturized all day without feeling too wet or greasy.  I also like to put it on at night after washing my face.  It just makes my skin feel so smooth.
  2. IMG_0587Lemonade popsicles – These popsicles have been my yummy go to treat this month.  Usually when it gets super hot I tend to crave ice cream all the time.  Instead of going out to get ice cream every night, I decided to try making popsicles to cool me down.  My parents have a lemon tree in their backyard so I always have free lemons.  Since I have been using them to make lemonade a lot this summer, I thought what if I just freeze them instead?  Well turns out that is a delicious idea!
  3. IMG_0512Our patio – I have been living in apartments ever since I moved to college.  And with these apartments there is always a small patio outside.  It wasn’t until this new apartment that I actually use the patio instead of just for storage, and I am loving it.  Almost as much as Abby loves it.  We put our lawn chairs out there and our little BBQ.  It’s the perfect spot to relax on these summer nights.
  4. Me Too by Meghan Trainor – Yes, another song.  I love music!  And apparently I love Meghan Trainor a lot too.  That girl has some catchy songs.  To be honest, I did not like this song the first couple of times I heard it.  But then the more I heard it, the more it got stuck in my head.  It wasn’t until after I saw the music video though that I really fell in love.  There is no way to explain the video, you have to just go watch it.  It is super silly and fun and perfect.

5 Year Plan


2021.  What will life be like in 2021?  Scary to think about sometimes.  I have no control over what the world will be like, but I can set goals to control what my own personal life will be like.  And that’s exactly what I want to do today.  It’s really important to set goals for yourself because it gives you purpose.  It provides you something to strive for and feel accomplished and proud when you reach that goal.  There are so many different types of goals.  You can have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, etc.  It is completely up to you.

I don’t usually like to make long term goals because the thought of failure scares me.  And while living in the now is always important, it is also important to be looking forward and knowing where you are headed.  In five years I will be 31 years old.  Now that is scary.  I will no longer be in my 20’s but well on my way into my 30’s.  But at least I will finally have my golden birthday.  Silver lining?  I feel like with that transition into my 30’s will come a mind shift in what I want in life.  So here is where my head’s at right now with what I think I want 5 years from now.  But this could all change.



  1. Kid (s).  I want to start a family very soon after getting married.  There are multiple reasons behind that decision that I am not going to get into right now.  But I am ready for that next step in my family.  Five years from now I hope to at least have one kid, but two would be cool too.
  2. A home.  An actual home that we can call our own.  And preferably in the town we already live in.  Especially if we will have 2 kids running around, we definitely need more space than our little 1 bedroom apartment we have right now.
  3. A new career?  I purposely made this a question because I go back and forth on this one a lot lately.  I don’t hate my job but I don’t love it.  The problem is I don’t know what else I would want to do.  So I am hoping to figure that out in the next 5 years.
  4. Travel/Explore.  If I had the time and the money, all I would do is travel the world.  While that may not be a realistic lifestyle for me, that doesn’t mean I can’t still explore areas closer to me.  In the next 5 years I want to be more adventurous and explore more.  Even if that just means going camping for the weekend to a place we have never been.  That would be perfect.
  5. Budget my money.  I think I do a pretty good job at this, but it can always be better.  Especially now that it’s not just my finances, but my soon to be husband’s money as well.  I want to be more proactive about saving money.  I want to set up savings accounts for future children and start putting money away for college and things like that.  I want to learn how to save my money a little better so we can buy a house someday.


Although my list looks pretty generic, it has meaning to me.  All of those things are important and things I want out of life.  By putting them in writing it just helps me realize that and hopefully remember them every day moving forward so I can constantly strive to achieve them.  And who knows, maybe my list will change 1 year from now or 3 years from now.  Just gotta be flexible.

Weekend Recap – Concert


If you like country music then you already know who Darius Rucker is.  He used to be the lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish until he went solo and switched to country music.  He is probably one of my favorite country artists right now.  His voice and music style is so classic and he sings about real life issues.  That is what I love most about country music in general.  They always sing about love and hurt and real life emotions.  Not just money and drugs and stupid things that rhyme.

I saw him in concert for the first time last year and it was amazing.  So when I saw that he was coming back this year I bought tickets right away.  And to top it off, one of the opening groups sings the song that me and my fiancé picked for our first dance.  So needless to say, I was super excited to see this concert.  The concert was on Friday night which thankfully the fiancé was able to get someone to cover his shift and we had a little date night.


The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful and relaxing.  Since we have moved into our new place I haven’t been sleeping very well.  This new complex is a lot louder than our old place and I think I am still getting used to all the noises.  The complex is on a very busy street and our apartment happens to be pretty close to it so there are constantly cars going by.  We also live close to the local train so we hear that horn go off every day.  For some reason somebody who lives in our surrounding building doesn’t like to start making noise until about 10pm every night.  It’s either their TV or their music or they are having a lot of guests over.  It’s just been an adjustment for me.  And I am a light sleeper to begin with so I haven’t been sleeping as much as I would like.  Friday night was probably the worst.  We didn’t get home until after midnight from the concert so I didn’t get to bed until around 1am.  For whatever reason, I woke up around 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep until 6am.  Thankfully we didn’t have anything to do in the morning so we both slept in and it felt amazing.

The rest of our Saturday consisted of going to the gym, going out to lunch for Korean BBQ, 3 loads of laundry, grocery shopping and ended with a movie and some wine.  It was amazingly uneventful.  Sunday was a little more exciting.  I went shopping with my Mom for a new outfit for our engagement photos next weekend.  I found a white tshirt and a white dress.  After shopping I hung out with my parents for a bit so we could go over the wedding guest list.  Which has hands down been my least favorite part of this whole wedding process so far.  Then I came home and cooked dinner for when the fiancé got home from work.  After dinner we went over to his parents house to take a look at a sample party favor that my future MIL will be making.  They look so good and I am super excited about them.

Even though we didn’t do much this weekend, it still went by way too fast.  Next weekend is probably going to go even faster because it will be a busy one.  We are going to the city for a poke convention on Saturday for my future MIL’s birthday.  Sunday we meet with the Priest to start talking about the ceremony and then we take our engagement photos.  I can’t wait!



Makeup trial


I am certainly not a makeup artist.  However, I would like my makeup to last all day and have nice pictures to look back on from my wedding.  So I have decided to hire someone to come do my makeup and my bridesmaid’s makeup on the day of the wedding.  None of my bridesmaids or myself wear a ton of makeup on a day to day basis so we really don’t want anything over the top.  Which has made it a little more challenging to find someone that will do basic makeup without charging an arm and a leg for things we don’t need or want.


After searching online for local companies and talking to a few places, I finally had a trial run with one of them.  It is important to have a trial run because you want to make sure that their makeup style is consistent with what you want before the day of the wedding.  The last thing I want is to be surprised with a face of makeup I do not want on the morning of my wedding day.  I found a company that will come to my house the morning of the wedding and do as many people’s makeup as needed.  They were reasonably priced so I decided to do a trial run.  I found a couple pictures online of styles I would like and brought them with me to show the makeup artist.


Now this is a LOT more makeup than I normally wear on a day to day basis.  But the thing I have to remember is my wedding day is not just any regular day.  It’s okay to wear a little extra makeup in case I cry half of it off during the reception.  It’s okay to wear a little extra makeup to complete the whole glamorous look of me in a wedding dress with my hair done all fancy too.  A nice face of makeup will complete the look and won’t stand out as much when I’m not just wearing my regular work clothes.



That’s what I had to keep reminding myself when I looked in the mirror after getting my makeup done yesterday.  And it’s not that I didn’t like it, because I really do love the look she created.  And I totally appreciate the art of makeup because it’s a talent I don’t have.  But at first glance it looks a little heavy handed because that’s just what I am used to.  The more I looked at it though, the more I liked it.  I loved the eyes and the lips the most.  I knew I wanted to keep it in the gold and brown family with the eyeshadow and I think she did that perfectly.  And I loved the lip color – it was dark enough to add some color to my lips without being a bright red lip.

If I end up going with this makeup artist, I might tell her to tone it down a little on the bronzer and maybe go a little lighter on the dark brown eyeshadow.  Other than that, I think this look would look classy and elegant for a winter wedding.  Since I still have 6 months until the big day, I might look around a little more and test another place just to compare so I can really make my decision.


Weekend Recap – yes to the dress again


This weekend marked another successful one in the wedding planning books.  On Saturday morning I had all my bridesmaids come into town to shop for their dress.  We went to the same store where I got my dress because it’s local, they have a good selection, and the girls got 20% off their dress since I got mine there too.  I already had an idea of the color and style of dress I wanted them to wear, but the dresses always look different in person versus online.  Plus, a couple of the girls have different body types and I wanted to make sure that they were all comfortable in the dress.  So I went there with a few dresses already picked out for them to try on.  After trying on a few I got a feel for what style was most flattering and how important it was for the dress to be supportive on top.  We finally agreed upon 1 dress and the girls all seemed pretty happy with it.



To celebrate the successful shopping trip we all went out to lunch after.  We tried this new tapas restaurant downtown and it was delicious!  I wish I would have taken pictures of the food because the presentation was beautiful too.  But we were all just too hungry that we ate it all before I could even think about it.  We tried all the samplers they had on their menu.  Some of my favorites included a crostini topped with avocado, sausage and a fried quail egg, kimchi fried rice topped with a fried egg, and baked cauliflower that tasted like buffalo wings.  For dessert we got the beignets that came with a chocolate mocha sauce.  If I was by myself I would have eaten that chocolate sauce by the spoonful right out of the cup, but I tried to be a little more civilized for the girls.

After lunch everyone went home and I went back to my parents house to help them get ready for a party.  My Mom decided to throw a going away party for one of her coworkers on Sunday.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t been feeling that great the last week so she asked me to help her get ready.  I spent my Saturday evening running errands, setting up tables, and cooking.  I made limoncello cupcakes and a zucchini torta.  After all that I was exhausted and went home and straight to bed.



Sunday was a pretty lazy day for us.  The fiance was supposed to work until 1:30am on Sunday but didn’t end up getting home until almost 5:30am.  So needless to say, he slept in on Sunday.  I decided to run some errands and get some chores done while he was sleeping.  He finally woke up in time for lunch so we went out to eat.  Then we came home, started a new show on Netflix and took a nap.  Quite the exciting day I tell you.  After our nap we played a few games while watching the Giants game, had some left overs for dinner and got some ice cream at the dairy for dessert.  We finished the evening by sitting on the patio with the dog and talked about how weird but exciting it is to be living in our own place, just the two of us.  When I put it in writing, our day sounded super boring, it was actually really nice and relaxing to just hang out together for the day.  Just what I needed to recharge for the new week.